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*Title Taipei Philharmonic Theatre ─ "The Story of the Half Moon" A Light Musical that will Help You Lose Weight
*Category Theater
*Performer Taipei Philharmonic Theatre
*Date/Time 105-12-16~105-12-25
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Taipei Philharmonic Theatre ─
The good-hearted and warm fat man has been wooing his beautiful goddess.
Even 43 rejections haven't made him change his mind.
The war between being beautiful and delicious food thus begins!
Let us sing and dance the night away
and let lactic acid accumulate for all!
Focus:"I am telling you, there is no way that I will fall in love with a fat man!"
It's a war between being beautiful and delicious food
Zheng Zhi-Wen X Hung Jun-Da
team up to present you this musical!
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