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*Title SIRO HEROes - Legend of Thai-Goan Five
*Category Theater
*Performer ArtWoods Smart-Mart of Performing Art.Ltd.
*Date/Time 106-2-25~106-2-26
14:30 PM、19:30 PM
14:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
SIRO HEROes - Legend of Thai-Goan Five Photo
Based on the Taiyuan Incident, the show unveils a depiction of the lives of five prisoners in Taiyuan Prison, how they secretly planned to take over the prison, overcame difficulties and problems they encountered and finally sacrificed for the cause they fought. The very first uprising in prison for the realization of Taiwan independence during the White Terror: on Feb. 8th, 1970, six political prisoners, to further Taiwan independence, organized an uprising. They grabbed guns from the prison and tried to escape but ended up being captured. Five of them were sentenced to death.
Focus:Waiting actually brings you closer to death. While a lot of people have been buried in our humid soils, even more people are imprisoned physically and mentally. Crying out loud, though being ignored, they still dare to face the oppression imposed by the world. Little sparks can cause a blaze. What we never lack is the passion and hard work necessary to protect the values we uphold and to dedicate ourselves fully to making them a reality!
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