The Past Performances

Past Performance Content
*Title Ghosts Don't Speak
*Category Traditional Opera
*Performer Taipei Quyituan
*Date/Time 106-4-8
19:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Ghosts Don't Speak Photo
Book reviews are combined with music – sparks ignite when different art forms collide! It's a collaboration of "book review with music" created by the queen of Taiwan book critics – Ye Yi-Jun and some musicians; in addition to "telling" plots and interpreting characters vocally, dramatic tensions are highlighted by the timely sound effects played by musicians. Classic Chinese and western literature reinterpreted through narration and musical performance, displaying very insightful touches!
Focus:"Ghosts Don't Speak" is carefully chosen classic literature and folklore. It tells of people bullying people, people helping each other, and ghosts fighting with people in a new way while condemning evil and spreading goodness. Hopefully, listeners will search their own hearts after hearing these amazing stories.
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