The Past Performances

Past Performance Content
*Title Funning Man IV
*Category Theater
*Performer 怡佳娛樂經紀有限公司
*Date/Time 106-4-21~106-4-23
19:30 PM
15:00 PM、19:30 PM
15:00 PM、19:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Funning Man IV Photo
The only male comedian group in Taiwan brings you a show that combines the essence of Japanese comic books, Taiwanese-style impersonation and short plays. Its diverse style and funny dialogues make it different from the usual theatre performances. Give them 110 minutes and they will give you a day filled with hearty laughter.
Focus:In the 2017 "Funny Man IV", the cast takes on the challenge of playing a total of 40 characters. The funny dialogues that combine various amusing elements will make you laugh your head off!
ERA Ticket:(02)2341-9898
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