The Past Performances

Past Performance Content
*Title The Beijing Opera Gala
*Category Theater
*Performer PCCU Chinese Drama
*Date/Time 106-4-28~106-4-30
19:30 PM
14:30 PM、19:30 PM
14:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
The Beijing Opera Gala Photo
"Cloud Road": A story that is serene, classic and beautiful.
"Damiangang": A funny story about an escort lady who got tired of her life and asked the county magistrate to allow her to get rid of her old life.
"The Armed Escort": A story happened in a troubled time where an armed escort met a robber. The two couldn't tell if they were friends or foe or should trust each other…
Focus:"The Beijing Opera Gala" gives a fresh interpretation to operas, song and dance shows and newly-invented dramas in from the perspective of modern theatre to display the diverse elements of this performance.
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