The Past Performances

Past Performance Content
*Title Mr. Chinese Crosstalk, Knock it off!
*Category Traditional Opera
*Organizer Taipei Quyituan
*Performer Taipei Quyituan
*Date/Time 106-11-10~106-11-11
19:30 PM
14:30 PM、19:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Mr. Chinese Crosstalk, Knock it off! Photo
The most important events for both men and women – to meet each other, to fall in love and to be betrayed by one’s girlfriend while in the army, to get married and to suffer from Infertility problem - all condensed into this 120-minute show! It will provoke laughter and challenge your limits for comedies! Married couples can relate to the show and single men and women will no longer envy married ones after watching the show! When you are done laughing your head off, you will realize “to hell with being single or not, life is still wonderful! ”
Focus:Two Thumbs up!!!! A special gift for Singles’ Day! Mr. Chinese Crosstalk, Knock it off! Golden-Bell winner Mr. Fang Guang-Yao and king of comedy Zhu De-Gang will give you a great time and you will laugh your head off!
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