The Past Performances

Past Performance Content
*Title Comic Dialogue V.S. Rakugo
*Category Traditional Opera
*Organizer Hanlin Folk Arts Troupe
*Performer Hanlin Folk Arts Troupe
*Date/Time 106-12-15~106-12-16
19:30 PM
19:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Purchase Tickets
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Comic Dialogue V.S. Rakugo Photo
A collaboration between Hanlin Folk Arts Troupe and Japanese Rakugo performing artist – Mr. Dai Kai-Cheng – the annual production of the troupe- “Comic Dialogue V.S. Rakugo” is well-organized with pieces in a variety of styles such as Chinese crosstalk, bamboo fast book, two-men comic show that incorporate Taiwan and Japanese narratives and musical performances in a relaxing and humorous style, allowing the audience to experience the beauty of narrative and musical performance through laughter.
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