Design and Content of Accessible Positioning Points

According to “Accessible Web Development Guidelines,” our website follows the principle of accessible website design to provide webpage positioning points (:::), Access Key, etc.

In our website, how to operate Access Key is explained as follows:

  • Alt + U : Functional links at the top of website are set at the top of our webpage. On this block, “various languages” section and “Main Link” section are provided.
  • Alt + C: The main content area is set on the middle of the webpage, including titles of units and major information.
  • Alt + S: keying in keyword in full text search engine is set on the upper right of the main content area of our webpage which is used to directly search our website contents.
  • Alt + L: Left side of the home page the content links the area, is located the home station home page content area left side, as well as in left side of the page the inferior unit links the option, is located the home station content area left side.

1. About

1-1. Message from the Director General of Our Center
1-2. The Purpose of Establishment
1-3. Organization
1-4. Historical Retrospective
1-5. Prospect


2-1. The Current Performances
2-2. The Past Performances
2-3. I Want to See
2-4. Audio-Visual Events

3. Exhibitions

3-1. The Current Exhibitions
3-2. The Past Exhibitions
3-3. I Want to See

4. Programmes

4-1. Contests
4-2. Study and Learning



6-1. Transportation
6-2. Virtual Guidance

7. Privacy Right and Security Policy

8. Announcement of Copyright

9. FAQs

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