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Current Performance Content
*Title Digital Audio─Visual Composition for 100-Year Art Education
*Category Music
*Co-Sponsor National Taiwan Arts Education Center
*Performer Taiwan Computer Music Association
*Date/Time 100-6-24
19:30 PM
*Way of Entrance Free Viewing
*Venue Nanhai Theater
Digital Audio─Visual Composition for 100-Year Art Education Photo
“Digital Audio-Visual Composition for 100-Year of Art Education” combines the performance of digital music composers and the work of animation visual artists, using computer technology to integrate audio and visual, with the objective of promoting fine audio/visual arts education. Joining the forces of famous digital music composers, including Shing-Kwei Tzeng, Yu-Chung Tseng, Jing-Wen Chao, Chih-Fang Huang , Chien-Wen Cheng , Tsen-Ling Lin, and Guei-Fan, Lin, etc., and visual artists such as Pei-Chun Lin, Wei-Hao Bao, Se-Lian Chuang (Austrian), Ming-Chieh Hsu, Yi-YenYu, and Wang-Ting Lin, etc., this is a performance to anticipate.
Focus:At the peak of the electro-optical digital audio/visual arts, this is the perfect match, bringing the excitement of electronic music and video. It touches the soul in unprecedented ways, and reaches a new milestone in art technology.
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