Message from the Director General of Our Center

National Taiwan Arts Education Center, the most significant arts education institution famous for its historical heritage, is going to celebrate its 65th anniversary. Looking back to the year 1957, Minister of Education Mr. Chi-Yun Zhang established National Taiwan Science Education Center and the National Museum of Art (which was renamed National Taiwan Arts Education Center in 1985) in the Nanhai Academy. The establishment of these two institutions signified the two pillars of the education in Taiwan, i.e., science and art, having laid a strong foundation for Taiwan’s technological scientific development as well as a cultural creative industry. Over the years, the efforts of the successive director generals and colleagues of National Taiwan Arts Education Center have fostered a fruitful achievement as the Center’s emblem implies, that is: an abundance of running water continuously nourishing this soil of arts education.

The team of National Taiwan Arts Education Center Museum has members with highly dedicated spirit always upholding the concept of "passion, professionalism, initiative, and creativity." With an attitude similar to farmers, the team members work hard without asking for anything in return to sow the seeds of arts education. Based upon the Nanhai Academy, combining the power of schools at all levels, institutions, and local organizations, an in-depth universal aesthetic environment named “Schools Are Exhibition Halls or Theaters for Arts Education” throughout Taiwan has been constructed so students can have more opportunities to get closer to art and to experience the stage first hand to express themselves in performance. Moreover, parents and community residents can be edified to enjoy the beauty of art and its practice in life accordingly.

The year 2014 is the first year for the Ministry of Education to promote its Five-Year Aesthetic Education Project strengthening the importance of arts education once again after the announcement of the White Paper on Arts Education in 2005. As one of the institutions executing the Project, National Taiwan Arts Education Center carries important responsibility with the task to solve today's problems beyond yesterday's way of thinking, i.e., to see the world with a far higher vision and a broader view, and to plan and design an aesthetic experience more in line with a cultural creative industry and people’s needs. With the core concepts of “cross-domain" and "add-value" in mind, coupled with systematic, continuous, and diversified types of action programs, National Taiwan Arts Education Center also intends to build up an integral aesthetic influence upon people’s daily lives and behaviors so that a culturally enriched country with a sense of beauty can be further appreciated through the lens and vision of an “empowered people, beautified homeland, and charitable society” seen and enjoyed by all.