Introduction to Publications

To develop and preserve data of art education, our Center edits and publishes relevant information about art education. All the publications have texts, images, sound, and multi-media which are presented in rich, diverse, and easy-to-understand ways. It is hoped to establish arts and literature source and drive of “society of learning.” There are a Journal of Arts Education, art education books, exhibition collections, research reports of projects, videos of teaching and learning, DVD, etc.

Where to Buy Books

Our Center’s publications can be purchased in following places.

Government Bookstore

Address : 1F, No.209, Sung Chiang Rd., Taipei, Taiwan
Tel : (02) 25180207
Online Bookstore : http://www.govbooks.com.tw/

Wu-Nan Culture

Address : No.6, Jhongshan Road, Taichung City
Tel. : (04) 22260330
Online Bookstore : http://www.wunanbooks.com.tw/

To whom are Our Publications are given?

According to various categories, all the publications that Our Center edited and published will be given to relevant schools, libraries, social and educational institutes, culture bureaus, art education schools and colleges in communities that our Center established with permission. In addition, the Journal of Arts Education is also given to relevant people in some circumstances.