The Current Performances

Nosy People

110/03/20 14:30、19:30 110/03/21 10:00、19:30 The villagers in “Happy Village” love to help people. However, they are also annoyed by overly enthusiastic people and report this to the magistrate. The ...

Drugless Life, Carrying out Dreams - The Teen Anti-Drug Play Campaign

110/03/13 19:30 Based on their personal experience, the teens in the Againstwind troupe provide a factual performance to combat drug abuse.

Sleepless Lady

110/03/06 14:30 110/03/07 14:30 Sleepless Lady is adapted from Macbeth, one of Shakespeare’s famous plays. The play focuses on Lady Macbeth’s perspective. Due to being obsessed by her father’s expec...