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Nanhai Theater

Venue :No.47, Nanhai Road, Taipei City
Purchase Tickets :if purchasing a ticket for any programme, please read details of posters, DM, our Center’s Latest Arts Education or contact (02)23110574 ext. 110.
Get Tickets : if seeing programmes without ticket sales, please follow the way of getting tickets arranged in each programme.
1.Queue Up to Get Tickets on the Spot: starting from one and half hour before performance, please get a ticket on the box office of Nanhai Theater. Please also queue up in order. We can offer only two entrance tickets for each person at most.

2.Open for Ticket in Advance: Please go to the website of “Online Pre-Booking Ticketing System” to reserve a ticket from 15 days before a programme takes place. We can offer only two entrance tickets for each person at most. Please bring your ID proof to get a ticket in advance and no later than 20 minutes before a programme is shown. Otherwise, the tickets will be used for cover on the spot. If tickets are not taken within the requested period, they will be available for people on the same day as the programme shown on the spot.

Entrance Time :audience can enter 30 minutes before the performance is shown.
Attention :
1.One ticket for each person, admission with ticket, checking the number for the seat. Please be seated 5 minutes before starting the performance.

2.Except children programs, children under 110 cm are not allowed to enter the performance venue.

3.Access to the venue 30 minutes before the performance starts. It's forbidden to record sound, record video, photograph, walk about at will, or clamour in the performance venue.

4.Please don't bring dangerous things, food, drink with you, and enter the venue in slippers or in disordered clothing.

5.It's forbidden to dine, drink, chew betel nuts or chewing gum in the venues.

6.In order not to influence the others, late arrivals will be allowed only at intermission.

7.Our Center's venues don't accept such gifts as flower baskets, flower wreaths.。