The Past Performances

Grand Presentation by the Piano Club, Banqiao Senior High School

110/05/30 13:45 The 14th music presentation involves singing, self-accompaniment, and piano performances, which creates an impressive musical performance.

The 65th Performance, NTU Traditional Opera Club

110/05/29 19:00 In the reign of Emperor Dezong of Tang, a scholar, Chang Kung, went to the capital to take the imperial examination. On his way to the capital, he met the prime minister’s daughter, T...

Different people, The 44th Drama of Department Graduation Performance, Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School

110/05/28 19:30 It is divided into four independent scripts, acting, Copper Pea, and there is no Monarch Butterfly. The fourth script is still being edited.

Der Besuch der alten damen,The 44th Drama of Department Graduation Performance, Taipei Hwa Kang Arts School

110/05/27(四)19:30 For Friedrich. The script written by Dyrenmatt in 1950 is full of mockery of politics, various values, social class and the ugliness of the human heart.

The House on the Water, Semester Production, Department of Drama and Theatre, National Taiwan University

110/05/21 19:30 110/05/22 14:30、19:30 110/05/23 14:30 In the story, the childhood playmates, Lichao, Kaluo, and Xianda, are separated due to the flood damage caused by a typhoon. After that disaste...

Le Bal des Voleurs, the 56th Junior Performance, Department of Chinese Drama, Chinese Culture University

110/05/14 19:30 110/05/15 14:30、19:30 110/05/16 14:30 Three thieves who make a living by deceiving people plan to steal things in the noble villa by disguising themselves. The smart and humorous La...


110/05/07 19:30 110/05/08 14:30、19:30 110/05/09 14:30 The performers show their concern for social culture and the meaning of life by combining diverse performing styles and demonstrating the diver...

The deliveryman of magic story

110/05/01 19:30 110/05/02 10:30、15:30 The story intends to remind people of all ages about the importance of confidence, care, teamwork, and forgiveness. Through interesting interactive games, the p...

2021Concert for Appreciation: A Thankful Heart

110/04/25 14:00 This year, the 21st “Concert for Appreciation” is a retrospective event, which invites excellent musicians, music professionals, and the community choir to perform.

2021 Control Yuan Sunny Choir Concert

110/04/24 14:30 In the spirit of “Spreading Joy throughout the Public” and “Making Friends through Singing,” we give a performance together with other groups. We invite welfare organizations to see o...