Connotations of the Emblem of National Taiwan Art Education Center


Themed Image

The continuous and invigorating living water symbolizes the functions and the outlook of the National Taiwan Art Education Center.

Image Presentation

1.The first letter "A" of the word "ART" is adopted as the subject presentation to quickly remind visitors from home and abroad of the essence of the Center.

2.With the magic touch of flying strokes characteristic of ink painting, the living water conveys the connotation of surging invigoration and uninterrupted supplies.

3.The all-pervasive living water signifies the success of elemental art and aesthetic education on school campuses.

4.With the nurture and cultivation by the living water, our world witnesses bountiful harvest, cross-sector harmony, well-balanced moderation, and endless succession.

5.A pattern of an upward pyramid signifies continuous growth and innovation.