Targets of National Taiwan Arts Education Center

  1. Conduct special research on art education for the promotion and development of art education
    Based on subjects currently lacking or urgently needed in art education - such as reading materials, teaching materials, lesson plans, and systems - experts and scholars are entrusted to conduct research or hold academic seminars, while research results and seminar proceedings are published and promoted for reference and use by our citizens.
  2. Handling of the collection, compile and digitally archive art education materials for the expanded utilization of resources
    Various kinds of art education materials are enlisted and procured, gathered and collected, researched and compiled, while being digitized and built into an interactive database in which data can be searched for and retrieved from. This not only contributes to academic research, but also helps the expansion and promotion of art education.
  3. Publication of professional art education periodicals for the conveyance of new knowledge in aesthetic education and the guidance of art teaching
    Bimonthly periodicals of art education and bilingual international art education journals are published regularly, which targets schools and libraries of all levels, as well as important art education institutions abroad, for the conveyance of new knowledge in art education as well as the facilitation of elemental art education and connection to the international community.
  4. Publication of art education series for the enrichment of art education resources and inspiration of creative thinking
    Art education series and e-books are compiled and printed, then sent to relevant schools, libraries, social education institutions, etc. according to their nature, for the inspiration of students' creative thinking and appreciation ability towards art.
  5. Holding of six major competitions along with post-competition promotional activities aligning competitions with the core of education.
    Six national competitions are held, namely National Student Art Competition, National Student Picture Book Award, Ministry of Education Literary and Art Award, National Student Music Competition, National Student Drama Competition, and National Teacher and Student Local Folk Song Competition to cultivate and reward artistic talents as well as encourage a creative atmosphere. After the closing of these competitions, numerous value-added activities are carried out, such as touring exhibitions of works and achievements from these competitions, art education lectures, workshops, and concerts - all designed to enhance the educational significance and aesthetic value embedded in these competitions.
  6. Conduct of art education study & promotion activities for the furtherance of lifelong learning
    Art education seminars and courses are planned, including art education seminars for the public to partake in art education, development of open online learning courses, and establishment of a remote teaching platform, for the furtherance of effectiveness in citizens lifelong learning goals and the implementation of the idea of art appreciation for all in Taiwan.
  7. Implement opportunities for practical interactions with art teachers to enhance their diversified teaching abilities
    With industry-government-academic cooperation in mind, cooperation channels are constructed with schools, institutions, and various arts and education groups, while professional art study activities are arranged to provide opportunities of learning and empowerment for school teachers at all levels. The goal is to enrich and diversify teachers’ teaching styles and skills, which in turn will stimulate students' interest in learning as well as their artistic potential.
  8. Conduct art education exhibitions and activities to enhance citizens appreciation for the arts
    Guided by art education, professionals and groups of artists join hands in assisting with the planning of annual theme exhibitions, special exhibitions, and related educational promotion activities. Through the implementation of student experimental theaters, art education observation, and exchange activities, the cultivation of citizens appreciation for art leads towards the development of a beautiful and harmonious society.
  9. Operation of the Taiwan Art Education website for the construction of a resource platform for national art education
    For the purpose of resource integration, immediate information transmission, and learning channel facilitation, resources mainly related to the nation’s art education such as thesis papers, research reports, teaching materials, teaching aids, teaching works, digital materials, and related physical resources are collected, filtered and screened, filed and archived, and posted online. They are categorized into literature, visual arts, performing arts, and other cultural and art resources, and made available to teachers, students, and the general public throughout the nation.
  10. Strengthening of the functions of reference resources of arts and humanities on the platform for educational development
    The convenience and usability of the functions of this platform are strengthened to provide useful reference resources for schools and promote stronger cooperation among schools, folk art groups, artists, teachers and government agencies through the promotion of art education. Assisting school teachers to implement art education while providing students with a variety of art education courses to balance the development of urban and rural art education and promote basic aesthetic education is the ultimate goal.