General Questions

What is your address? How do I get there?

Our address is 47, Nanhai Road, Zhongzheng District, Taipei City, right across from Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School and adjacent to the National Museum of History and the Botanical Garden. You may take the MRT, get off at the Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall Stop, and exit at No. 1 or 2 Entrance; then, walk along Nanhai Road for about 10 minutes. Or, you may take the MRT, get off at the Xiaonanmen Stop, and exit at No. 3 Entrance; then, walk towards the Botanical Garden for about 10 minutes. If by bus, please take No. 1, 204, or 630 and get off at the Jiangguo High School (National History of Museum) Stop, then walk for about 2 minutes. Please note that because the MRT Wanda Line is currently under construction, Nanhai Road only allows one-way traffic for now. We look forward to seeing you!

Do you have car / motorbike parking spaces for visitors inside or outside the center?

We do not have parking spaces available for visitors. If you would like to drive here, there are public parking spaces along the road nearby; however, since the center is in downtown Taipei, spaces along the road are usually occupied, not to mention MRT Wanda Line is currently under construction. We suggest that you take public transportation instead.

What are your business hours?

We are open Tuesday through Sunday, 9:00-17:00, and on national holidays, but closed on Mondays (except for national holidays or compensatory leaves), Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve, 1st day of the lunar calendar (Unscheduled closing time will be announced); however, the administrative office is open on Mondays and you may still come for business.

May I visit the center? Is admission required?

The center is composed of Nanhai Theatre and Nanhai Academy. The academy is open to the public. Admission for visiting the academy or the exhibitions held there is free. As for Nahhai Theater, it depends on whether it is a ticket-selling performance. Normally, most of the performances we organized are for free, but performances not organized by us will be decided by the show presenters. You may find relevant info on our art info or our website. You may also call us for more info.

How do I get your monthly art info?

To get our monthly art info, please check our website or subscribe to our e-newsletter. We print free copies of art info every month. You may come to the center to pick it up personally, or send us a prepaid return envelope; or you may just call us at (02)2311-0574, ext. 110.

Do you offer guided tours?

Online reservation for guided tour service for groups of 10 or more people is available. Please visit our website (www.arte.gov.tw) and click on the online reservation; then follow the instructions on the page.

Is there an exhibition area designed especially for children in the center?

The Creative Island in the center is an art zone designed especially for children and is composed of a children’s painting interaction zone and a picture-book house. It opens Tuesday – Sunday from 10-17:00. No admission is required. Welcome to bring your children to spend some quality time here.

How do I get the relevant info of the 6 major teachers-students competitions?

We value the rights of all teachers and students in Taiwan to participate in the 6 major competitions; thus “the Competition Zone” is placed at a visible place on the front page of our website. You may link to any one of the websites for the 6 major competitions (National Student Competition of Music, National Competition of Folk Song for Teachers and Students, National Students' Creative Drama Competition, The National Art Competition for Students, National Students' Picture Book Creation Award and MOE Literature and Arts Awards) from this zone. You will find all info related to the competitions and FAQs on these websites, or you may download the mobile art academy APP for more info.

When will the designated piece for the National Student Competition of Music be announced?

The designated piece for the National Student Competition of Music will be publicly announced every June-July. Relevant info will also be posted on the National Student Competition website. You may link to the website from our website or download the mobile art academy APP or just call us at (02)2311-0574, ext. 126 for more info.

Where can I find info of previous National Students’ Creative Drama Competitions for reference?

All info regarding the previous National Students’ Creative Drama Competitions are stored on its official website. You may link to it from our website; or download the mobile art academy APP to check the relevant info, including key points, schedules, Q & A and videos and photos of the competition, or you just call us at (02)2311-0574, ext. 114 for more information.

Can I film the National Competition of Folk Song for Teachers and Students?

There is a filming area for participating schools available at the competition. Please bring proof documents issued by your school and get a filming permission slip at the report counter. You can’t film the competition without permission. For performances brought by schools which applied for being filmed by the organizer, no filming is allowed, even if you obtain a filming permission.

How do I take part in the volunteer storytelling activity? Do I need to register in advance?

This activity is free admission and no advance registration is required. However, parent-child or teacher-student participation is required. Relevant information will be posted on our website.