The Current Exhibitions

A Lotus Event – An Art Feast by Alumni of the National Academy for Educational Research

Date/Time :107-3-17~107-4-1
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅠ、Ⅱ
Exhibition Institute : The Alumni Association of National Academy for Educational Research

In the eyes of the general public, principals are administrative mangers running schools; however, you can’t say the same about the principals participating in this exhibition. In addition to being outstanding school managers, they devote their time outside school to creating art and what’s more, incorporating artistic nourishment into their ways of running and managing schools so that the seeds of art are planted on campus and students’ sense of art is cultivated in such an environment.
Focus:The exhibited paintings include Chinese calligraphy pieces, Chinese ink paintings, oil paintings and gouache. So many different types of paintings are like blossoming lotus in summer that you can’t miss in this mid-summer season.