The Current Exhibitions

South Wind Rises : Asia-Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition

Date/Time :107-7-3~107-9-9
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅡ

This section focuses on artists’ sharing of their own experience and their immersion in Asian culture informed by its unique vitality and splendor, featuring artworks by Cheng Shih-Chun, Keita Kusaka (Japan), Li Jian-Cheng, Alit Ambara (Indonesia), Chen I-Chun, Tang Tang-Fa, Chris Honhim Cheung (Hong Kong), Henry Tan (Thailand), Anida Yoeu Ali (Cambodia). These artists have discovered Asia in their own ways through exploring their perception of the daily surroundings. The section, therefore, is a colorful ensemble of different countries, presenting a splendid image of Asia while conveying diverse vision and imagination through the perspectives and creations of the artists.