The Current Exhibitions

Formosa - South Wind Rises : Asia-Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition

Formosa - South Wind Rises : Asia-Pacific Contemporary Art Exhibition
Date/Time :107-7-3~108-6-26
Venue : Aesthetic Space

This section brings together interactive multimedia and contemporary gaming installations, creating a diverse exhibition zone with six artists that will be taking turns to create works for the section. Titled “Formosa,” the section reveals beautiful corners, surprising visual presentations, creative exchanges and the artists’ endless passion about art. After the exhibition opens, the curatorial team will invite one Taiwanese contemporary artist for exhibition every two months, and demonstrate the potential of the exhibition through different artists’ interpretation of the space.
Works from “Notebooks on the Dining Table” series by artist Flora will
also be displayed in this exhibition. Flora likes to take inspiration from
subjects around her. Food and receipts are the main elements for this
series and water-color paints are used to paint recipes in her memories.
The colours and lines of the food are so interestingly drawn; especially
the ceramic paints used to paint on the dining utensils - it is a perfect
example of combing art with daily life that allows us to experience every
bit and piece of life pleasantly.