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Undefined Undefined
Date/Time :108-3-29~108-4-2
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅠ、Ⅱ
Exhibition Institute : New Taipei City Guang Fu High School Department of Multimedia Design

Polarized thinking keeps us from exploring other possibilities and traps us in the dichotomy of right or wrong, good or bad, win or lose.It is a stable condition but it slowly paralyzes people. In such a deadlock, in order to search for an answer, we endured each and every all-nighter that made our heads ache. In order to look for new possibilities, we accepted all failures. In order to find the battle we each need to conquer, we venture into a world where art is undefined; hence this exhibition is named “Undefined.”
Focus:The exhibition features still life sketches, abstract and geometric paintings of dots, lines and planes, computer graphics, 3D artworks and designs to display the spirit of outdoing oneself and self-actualization. Via works of various types, the creative possibilities of design are conveyed to viewers.