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Chinese Calligraphy, Unrestricted and Soaring

Chinese Calligraphy, Unrestricted and Soaring
Date/Time :108-12-19~109-1-5
Venue : Aesthetic Space
Exhibition Institute : HUAQUAN ART ASSOCIATION

Huaquan Art Association inherits the metaphorical meaning of “Huaquan” (gather great Chinese paintings and calligraphy works together). Because each artist studied under different instructors, this is an exhibition of diverse styles: simple and unsophisticated, elegant, pretty and creative! Many of the participating artists are experienced instructors and have achieved abundantly in their artistic circle. Their works are displayed in the form of an artistic gathering this time. We look forward to meeting experienced Chinese painting and calligraphy artists and learning from their comments and suggestions!
Focus:This is an exhibition of different-style Chinese Calligraphy works. Without being limited by the elements of traditional Chinese ink paintings, we may either look for moments of feeling touched in the illusions of light and shadows or embrace the caring for humanity and culture over the boundless land. Simply put, the purpose of the exhibition is to convey truth, goodness, and beauty in the world and trigger visitors’ resonance and the emotions of feeling touched.