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Beautiful flowers reflect beauty appearance” solo exhibition

Beautiful flowers reflect beauty appearance” solo exhibition
Date/Time :109-1-4~109-1-14
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅢ
Exhibition Institute : Tsai, Yu-Lei

The exquisite compositions, choice of colors and the tranquil atmosphere of the paintings display the artist’s feminine features and her unique way of observation. While pursuing the realistic depictions of the objects, she values more the integration of reality and imagination. Via this exhibition, the artist would like to take the audience to see the beauty of Taiwan. While experiencing the “all is well” in Taiwan, the audience also gets to witness the exploration and transformation made by the artist on her journey of creating paintings.
Focus:This is an exhibition of oil paintings and pastel paintings. Via these paintings of realistic and surreal styles, the artist conveys her observation, beautiful encounters, and imagination toward this loving world to the audience. Hopefully, they would resonate and connect with the audience.