The Past Exhibitions

Taiwan Exhibition of Children’s Chinese Ink Painting

Date/Time :106-11-22~107-1-1
Venue : Aesthetic Space
Exhibition Institute : Taipei Creative Chinese Painting Association

Taipei Chinese Painting Studies Society organizes the activity of painting at the Botanical Gardens with the intention to encourage student participation to paint the greenery and energy of nature with ink paintings. In addition to achieving the goal of developing students’ five ways of life, it aims to cultivate students’ sense of aesthetics in life with art. What’s more important is to instil the concepts of environmental protection in students from childhood so that they will protect and cherish flowers and trees as well as natural resources.
Focus:A total of 52 winning pieces are displayed in the exhibition, allowing visitors to see all kinds of faces of trees and flowers as well as visitors in the botanical garden in one exhibition. These paintings are lively, interesting and brightly-colored. We invite you to come and enjoy these beautiful scenes with us!