The Past Exhibitions

Learning from paint & pottery

Learning from paint & pottery
Date/Time :107-5-23~107-6-5
Venue : Aesthetic Space
Exhibition Institute : 66 Art rally

A heart that pursues art will never be limited by age or materials – this is the common goal for the 66 Art Club. The 2nd exhibition after 40 years of graduation is even more unlimited than the 1st one. The interesting thing is that many western painting and Chinese painting majors have already switched their professional fields and continued to pursue art more freely. The purpose of this exhibition is that we hope, as the so-called old-youngsters, to contribute the power of beauty to our society and offer to quench the busy lives of modern people so that no matter how old they are, they always get to start again.
Focus:In Learning from Paint and Pottery, in addition to ink paintings, Chinese calligraphy, watercolor paintings and pastel paintings, many of the exhibited art pieces were created by using glaze to paint directly on pottery. The color changes in the glaze after being fired are so interesting that you wouldn’t want to miss them.