The Past Exhibitions

Unique Drawings by Seven? Low-vision Children

Unique Drawings by Seven? Low-vision Children
Date/Time :107-6-21~107-7-15
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅢ
Exhibition Institute : Department of Design, National Taiwan Normal University

Amblyopia / low vision is a kind of vision disability. Children with low vision may have limitation in vision, but their paintings reflect their inner world; their abilities to imagine, reason and organize are cultivated through constant observation and tries. This exhibition includes paintings by 7 low-vision children and experience-sharing and advice regarding painting education for this type of kids will also be available at the exhibition.
Focus:Types of Amblyopia are rather complicated. The painting education that low-vision children need is very different from children with normal vision; furthermore, the education varies for children of different types of low-vision. Because of that, it contributes to their unique expression in their paintings.