The Past Exhibitions

“Follow Art” - The Graduation Exhibition by the 18th Arts Class of National Keelung Senior High School

Date/Time :107-6-16~107-6-20
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅠ、Ⅱ
Exhibition Institute : National Keelung Senior High School

Under the guidance and teachings of the teachers, students of the Arts Class of National Keelung Senior High School have incorporated fantasies & imagination and their perceptions in life into their paintings to exhibit their unique thoughts and ideas while learning from/ colliding with their peers during the course of their learning. This graduation exhibition is the great opportunity to display their hard work and efforts invested in the past three years; at the meantime, this also serves as a landmark in the life of all participated students, meaning they are ready to move forward to the next stage of their life.
Focus:We follow arts around to create as our hearts want and are not limited by anything or anyone. “Follow Art” means to paint the world of art in our head and create paintings that connect us and the viewers.