The Past Exhibitions

Natural painting-Huang chen-ting ink painting Exhibition

Natural painting-Huang chen-ting ink painting Exhibition
Date/Time :107-6-8~107-6-24
Venue : Aesthetic Space
Exhibition Institute : Huang chen-ting

The theme of this exhibition is “Natural Painting”; painting and I are closely connected and inseparable. What painting wakes is not only images of objects but also the connection with the hidden images when being appreciated by people. Spiritual perception and observation of the real objects are the only way to realize its true meanings, to transform feelings inspired by Mother Nature and ultimately enrich our hearts.
Focus: Most of the artworks in this exhibition are Chinese ink paintings and Chinese calligraphy. The artist would like to use the style of likeness and unlikeness of objects to show viewers the beauty in the world so that viewers may trigger their imagination between their hearts and perceptions.