The Past Exhibitions

On Clouds: Seeking and Glimpsing

On Clouds: Seeking and Glimpsing
Date/Time :107-6-2~107-6-18
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅢ
Exhibition Institute : HSIU MING LIN

Presented by the rhythm of a life theater, this exhibition uses time as the principal axis of its life description, from night to day, to illustrate how our seated passion and bodily desire in our id (the unconscious) emerge from gaps when the shield of the preconscious becomes weak. Thus our ego (consciousness) accepts numerous fragments from the unconscious and by which a figuration of human life comes into being.
Focus:The artist tries to put the viewers in a certain scene of the past or a world of fantasy, which is like staying in a freeze-frame of a moving picture, to capture the most wonderful or perhaps the most painful scene among those visual images.