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Arts Festival Bank of Taiwan

Arts Festival Bank of Taiwan
Date/Time :107-11-13~107-11-21
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅡ
Exhibition Institute : Bank Of Taiwan

It has been more than 3 centuries since the establishment of Bank of Taiwan. Bank of Taiwan has witnessed our economics getting started, growing up, then getting prosperous and it has been inseparable from Taiwan since its establishment. Bank of Taiwan has been promoting “Aesthetics in Daily Life” and helped facilitate the practice of “making art a part of life and making life a part of art”; hopefully, with this exhibition, paintings of this year’s winners will be enjoyed and appreciated by more people.
Focus:This is an exhibition of paintings (oil colour paintings, watercolour paintings, acrylics paintings) and photographs; most of the exhibited paintings are created by the emerging young artists aged 20-40; as for exhibited photographs, subjects are various featured constructions in Taiwan.