The Past Exhibitions

Laughing! Talking! Let’s “Do Art” Together

Laughing! Talking! Let’s “Do Art” Together
Date/Time :108-8-28~108-9-8
Venue : Exhibition RoomⅢ
Exhibition Institute : The exhibitor: Vila Villa

Art is representational. If we feel things around us with our hearts, we find subjects for art everywhere in our lives. Be it the vast sea, a meadow of flowers or a butterfly, as long as we feel touched, it is “beautiful”: A group of good friends that all love painting live from their hearts. They not only paint their other “self” with their paint brushes but also create a new romantic world.
Focus:The exhibited works include oil paintings, watercolor paintings, and artworks created with mixed media. The artists express “love” through their works. While they are laughing and talking, love is already in their paintings.