The Past Exhibitions

" The Lotus of Mindscape"- The Artistic Painting of Hsiu-Hsiu Lai

Date/Time :113-2-2~113-2-14
Venue : Aesthetic Space
Organizer :Hsiu-Hsiu Lai

" The Lotus of Mindscape" is mainly created through the creation of lotus images. The characteristic of style is the pursuit of a pure state of mind. The direction of the "heart" determines the value of life. The first word in the "Heart Sutra" is "Observation", which means that you must first know yourself and meditate, and then you can have peace of mind. Through the shape, sound and meaning of the lotus, the author expresses the author's state of mind and accepts the essence of life, including the origin and demise of the flower, and the prosperity and decline of the flower. . In Buddhism, the lotus is a cross-regional civilization and an iconic plant. Promote a positive outlook on life through Buddhism and become a totem symbolizing purity and auspiciousness. The whole lotus plant has high utilization value, and every part can be used as a medicinal plant. Through the growth process of lotus in the form of lotus, purse, lotus, lotus, residual lotus and other forms, I think about the process of birth, old age, illness and death in life, so I use lotus as a representative symbol in my creation.