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Taipei Haw Kang Arts School the 40th Department Of Drama Graduate performance "Noises off" "Amazing Journey"

Date/Time : 106-5-12~106-5-13

19:30 PM

19:30 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Theater
Way of Entrance :Purchase Tickets

Stage vs. real life, truth vs. acting; on the stage of life, a plate of delicious stinky tofu and a group of not-so-professional actors collide in the most hilarious, true-to-life acting.
An actor who steps into a gangs scheme by accident; so many lies are told among people. A conspiratorial feast is held secretly in Turquoise and a journey to the unknown is about to begin.
Focus嚗The stage props of the two dramas have posed a great challenge to Nan Hai Theater and the audience who attend the two dramas will be treated to a feast for the eye that they have never experienced before.