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The Red-Haired Horse

Date/Time : 106-5-21

19:30 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Traditional Opera
Way of Entrance :Free Viewing

This is a story about how a loser named Xue Ping-Gui succeeded at the end. The prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, Wang Yun decided to hold the "throwing-an-embroidered-ball event" for his third daughter Wang Bao-Chuan; whoever caught the ball thrown by her is to be her husband. But the ball was caught by loser Xue Ping-Gui. Wang Yun wanted to cancel the deal but Bao-Chuan refused. She then moved to a shabby kiln with Xue. Later, Xue tamed the red-haired horse and became an official who later by order of the emperor left home to join the army to conquer Xi-Lang. On his way to Xi-Lang, he vanished after several assassination attempts by Wang Yun and Wei Hu. 18 years later, Xue finally returned to be reunited with Bo-Chuan.
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