The Current Performances

The Origin of Affection Not Traceable

Date/Time : 106-5-28

19:30 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Traditional Opera
Way of Entrance :Free Viewing

The 60th performance brought by Kunqu Club, NTU is named "The Origin of Affection Not Traceable" a famous quote from "Peony Pavilion" and it implies the inseparable bond between Kunqu and the club. Hopefully, through the performance, audiences will get to know Kunqu better so that more people will start to appreciate it.
Focus嚗"Strolling in the garden from Peony Pavilion", "Dreaming from Peony Pavilion", "Love through A Poem from the Jade Hairpin" and "Jizi from the Beauty Washing Silk by the River" are all classic highlights of Kunqu. Please come and have a great time with us during the Dragon Boat Festival.