The Past Performances

The Graduation Presentation of the 3rd Grade of the Applied Japanese Department, Daojiang High School of Commerce

Date/Time : 105-12-27

14:00 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Theater
Way of Entrance :Free Viewing

The program includes Japanese legends, Japanese modern and traditional dance and everyone singing together (the theme songs of NHK's most popular morning dramas) to show the audience the sincere spirit of Japanese culture. Through the cooperation of every student in the class as well as learning from each other, this show not only displays the fruitful results of their three-year effort, but also allows the audience to see the unity of spirit of the Applied Japanese Department!
Focus嚗To improve all students' postures and train them to stay composed on stage in order to perform better. Besides, it helps them apply what they excel on stage as well as gaining experience on stage.