The Past Performances

The Art Performance of Japanese Dance

Date/Time : 106-3-19

13:45 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Dance
Way of Entrance :Open for Ticket in Advance

"Japanese Dance" is one of many Japanese cultural forms. It is a kind of dance that expresses "joy, anger, sadness and happiness" through movement of "gentleness, serenity, will power, form and strength". The Butterfly Japanese Dance Association combines classical dance movement with modern ballads and choreography to interpret the beautiful dance and flowing images performed by their new generation which is famous for its rich aesthetics and detailed variations.
Focus嚗The head of the dance group Ms. Tsai Ming Hsiu has been studying Japanese dance for years. This is the group's annual performance featuring their classic dance pieces; exquisite, beautiful emotion expressed by its female dancers and handsome heroics displayed through the energetic and beautiful dancing of its male dancers.Everyone is invited to the show.