The Past Performances

In Homage to Ancestors and Parents - The 2017 Praising Nature Concert

Date/Time : 106-11-5

14:00 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Music
Organizer : Jen-Yih Lingzhi International Co., Ltd & Jen-Yih Choir
Way of Entrance :Open for Ticket in Advance

Earth, water, fire and wind are essential elements for nature and life. The aim of this concert is to exhibit the features, contents and the power to heal of these elements, which coincide with the concepts of Chinese natural medicine. We hope that while listening to the heart-warming music at the concert, more friends are healed, being grateful for the Earth and life and ultimately to praise nature!
Focus嚗Fire passion of life exhibited via sounds of Jazz drums; water soft and inclusive exhibited via Dunhuang Dance; wind free and soaring exhibited via saxophone music; earth grateful and cherishing what we have exhibited via solo singing and choir.