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2nd Maestro International Children's Music Competition

2nd Maestro International Children's Music Competition
Date/Time : 106-12-10

8:30 PM
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Music
Organizer : Taipei Maestro Children's Art Development Association
Way of Entrance :Open for Ticket in Advance

The aim of the 2nd Maestro International Childrens Music Competition is to broaden childrens horizons and improve their ability in the arts at international competitions like this; thus the organizer has especially invited Professor Jian Ming-Yan of the Taipei National University of the Arts to hold competitions in Taiwan and Japan and invites winners to perform in the Charity Concert by Taiwan Japan Champions. We welcome children from all over the world who are learning music to come and take part in this special event.
Focus嚗A new platform for children all over world to exchange opinions and learn from each other through music; from the competition to the music concert, leaping to the world from Taiwan, the latent ability of young musicians of Taiwan will be brought to fruition.
Free Ticket嚗Performance Unit嚗(02)2771-9635