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KuanLunHong 2021 Chinese Traditional Drums Recital

KuanLunHong 2021 Chinese Traditional Drums Recital
Date/Time : 110-10-1
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Music
Organizer : Yafen Taiwanese Opera Troupe
Way of Entrance :Purchase Tickets

110/10/01 19:00
In this recital, the enthusiasm the lead musician dedicates to art over the long run not only allows the public to feel his passion for the music, but also experience the converging of art through the sounds on the stage. This music recital, with brand-new arrangements and interpretations, breaks the stereotype people have for music. In other words, it pleasantly amazes the audience in a brand-new way!

Wang Yi-Dong: Celebrating Chinese Lunar New Year
Liu Han-Lin: The Decisive Battle between the Chu and Han
Chang Hsu: The Rising Sun
Chang Yang-Sheng: Wind Like Pines
Chao Ssu-Chih: The Orientation of the Mountain
Li Hui: Flying Dance
An Zhi-Shun, Sun Er-Min: Twin Dragons Playing with Plums
Tsai Jui-En: Foggy Star