The Past Performances

"One Fine Day" the Musical

Date/Time : 111-11-11~111-11-13
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Music
Organizer : C MUSICAL
Way of Entrance :Purchase Tickets

111/11/11 19嚗30
111/11/12 14嚗3019嚗30
111/11/13 14嚗30
Although there is no grand stage, it touches and shocks the audience even more! Playwright/director Zhang, Yang-xuan, composer Zhang, Xin-ci, and arranger Wu Lin joined hands to create this Chinese musical that heals our hearts. There is no dialogue throughout the entire play, however, it grabs the attention of the audience and tugs at their heartstrings with its 15 songs, having their moods swinging with the music, while immersing in every heart-touching moment.