The Past Performances

The 23rd Showcase of Youth Drama Festival "The Future"

The 23rd Showcase of Youth Drama Festival
Date/Time : 112-7-11~112-7-21
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Theater
Organizer : Teeanger Performing Art League
Way of Entrance :Open for Ticket in Advance

112/07/11~112/07/16 18嚗30
112/07/18~112/07/21 18嚗30
The Showcase of Youth Drama Festival is the largest and oldest drama exchange platform for youth in Taiwan. Ten youth theatres from across Taiwan will present a 10-day joint performance under the theme of "The Future", with original stage plays reflecting the perspectives of contemporary adolescents on their growing environment, peer relationships, and emotional expressions.
The Teenager Arts League supports the youths by accompanying them throughout the process of creating, helping them to work with professional theater directors, actors and actresses to examine the content of their creations, making the high school students' original performances more sophisticated and brilliantly presented on the stage of professional theaters.
Free Ticket嚗(02)8631-0133