The Past Performances

Toothbrush Superman

Toothbrush Superman
Date/Time : 112-11-25~112-11-26
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Theater
Organizer : Cup Theatre
Way of Entrance :Purchase Tickets

112/11/25 15嚗00
112/11/26 15嚗00
1. Performance Type: Object Theatre ~ Live Action vs. Puppets
2. Duration: about 60 minutes
3. Program Description:
On a day when alien No. 1 and alien No. 2 of the decayed-tooth planet were out and up to no good, they encountered toothbrush superman, who was patrolling the space. The aliens were completely defeated by the toothbrush superman and fled the scene on a spaceship all the way to Earth. Cinnamon doesn't like to brush her teeth, which makes her mouth a great hiding place for the aliens, and so they sneaked in and took cover.