The Past Performances

Master is here

Master is here
Date/Time : 112-12-2~112-12-3
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Traditional Opera
Organizer : Comedyworkshop
Way of Entrance :Purchase Tickets

112/12/02 14嚗30
112/12/03 14嚗30
In an election year, the comedy troupe received an invitation from an unknown political party candidate to organize a comedy arts show.
It's time! The master didn't show up?
So, the comedy troupe's "Weirdos(Pu lung gong)" take turns to fill in the time slot.
Let's see how a group of weirdos make up comedy jokes!
The Master is here, but he can't perform?
Welcome to the second installment of the Comedyworkshop's work, "Master is here", which you are welcome to laugh at!