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Selected Kunqu Scenes

Selected Kunqu Scenes
Date/Time : 112-12-31
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Traditional Opera
Organizer : Shuimo Kun Opera Troupe
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112/12/31 14嚗30
The fake show becomes true to hide the interest: the maid An Ren meets and scolds each other, the storm rises from the ground, the bitter couple's marriage is difficult to be accomplished; Li Ling advises to surrender on the Wangxiang Platform, Su Wu pays tribute to his emperor and parents remotely, and sticks to the rules to keep the loyalty of the heart; Zhang Sheng and Ying Ying has a good time to meet with each other and envies him for end the debt of love, and the pretty red lady is full of joy; Wang Yun invites Lu Bu to have a small banquet, and it is difficult for the heroes to resist the beauty's wine, and Diao Chan is drunk with the Wen Hou.