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Shibokongchang (Cell Factory) 31st Results Presentation

Shibokongchang (Cell Factory) 31st Results Presentation
Date/Time : 113-2-4
Venue : Nanhai Theater
Category : Theater
Organizer : Shibokongchang (Cell Factory)
Way of Entrance :Open for Ticket in Advance

113/02/04 19嚗00
LIN YU HSI, who grew up with her mother and dreamed of becoming a playwright, had a big fight with her mother when she was 18 years old about going to Taipei to study, and at the same time argued about the conflicts and contradictions that had being existed between them for many years.
Since that day, YU HSI lives alone away from home and has little contact with her mother. YU HSI's dream gradually fades with the pressure of reality.
How is the story going to unfold?