Leasing of exhibition venues

Exhibition Room

Eligibility for leasing applications:The following entities are eligible for making leasing applications to the Center: citizens of the Republic of China, Chinese living overseas, as well as domestic public and private institutions, groups, schools and government agencies at all levels. However, an applicant who applies as a Chinese living overseas should be represented by his/her local agent in Taiwan.
Application process:
  1. First, inquiry about the application deadline.
  2. Second, submission of the required application form and supporting documents.
  3. Next, waiting for review and approval of the application.
  4. Finally, schedule arrangement by the Center.
Application period:From June 1 to August 31 yearly, applications are accepted for those exhibitions scheduled for the following year.
Review results:Applicants are notified of their application results by October 31 of the application year.

If review results are not available by the deadline, further information will be updated on the official website of the Center; alternatively, please direct inquires to Mr. Li at 02-23110574 ext. 232.