Events for Study and Learning

How do I obtain information on admission to your Center’s arts education workshop?

Our Center announces admission information and accepts applications for arts education workshops in January and July every year. Those interested may obtain the information at our website under Quick Link, Study and Learning, or call (02)23110574 ext. 232 or 110.

Who may be accepted to your arts education workshops, and how much is the fee?

(1) Suitable for: Domestic or foreign individuals 16 years of age or older.
      (2) Tuition Fee: TWD 3,600 for sketch (including color sketch) workshop, oil painting workshop, watercolor painting workshop, or arts and healing workshop. TWD 2,400 for other workshops.

I would like to sign up for the workshops organized by the center. Can I sign up now? How do I pay for it? Any discounts?

You may sign up for any workshops organized by the center every January and July. These will be announced on our website. After signing up successfully and the sign-up numbers reach the required minimum numbers, you may pay the fee by credit card online or via e-payment at a convenience store. To encourage seniors or physically-challenged citizens to take part, we offer 10% off all workshops for seniors over 65 years old and physically-challenged citizens.

Is application by proxy for arts education workshop allowed?

The applicant for the workshop may have a proxy to complete the application if the applicant is unavailable to complete the application, provided the said proxy produces the applicant’s ID, the proxy’s ID, and the tuition fee. Lack of any of the items here mentioned will result in a rejected application.

How long is an arts education workshop, and where does the workshop take place?

(1) A workshop lasts for 18 weeks on a one class per week basis.
      (2) Class location: Workshop classroom is located at 1F, Nanhai Academy (No. 47, Nanhai Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City).

Is early withdrawal during an arts education workshop allowed?

Vacancies are limited and do not come easily; an attendee dropping out is wasting a precious opportunity and being unfair to other people. All applicants should think wisely before filing their applications. Once the application is complete, if applicants wish to withdraw from the workshop, the refund policies are as follows: withdrawal initiated one day before the first workshop session, students will receive 95% tuition refund, withdrawal initiated one day before the third workshop session (the current session not included) students will receive 70% tuition refund, withdrawal initiated from the third workshop session to the day before the sixth workshop session, students will receive 50% tuition refund, and there will be no refund after the start of the sixth workshop session.

Does your Center offer any other workshops other than arts education?

In addition to organizing workshops in support of theme exhibitions, our Center sometimes organizes workshops for teachers and children every year at our discretion without any guaranteed schedule. Please refer to our arts education newsletter published by our Center, or visit our website at http://www.arte.gov.tw/ for information concerning this topic.