Events for Performing Art

Is there any chance for performing arts groups to join the events organized by NTAEC?

Opportunities to participate in performances organized by NTAEC are published on NTAEC’s official website, if such opportunities become available.

What is the standard fee for renting a venue at Nanhai Theater?

Please refer to Venue Fees, Performance Venue Rentals, under Venue Rentals.

How do I apply to rent a venue at Nanhai Theater from your Center?

The applicant must submit a performance plan to our Center for review at least 6 months prior to the scheduled date of performance. If the plan is approved, the procedure for venue rental will follow. During February we are open for applications for performances scheduled during the period from July to December of the same year, and during August we are open for applications for performances scheduled during the period from January to June of the next year. Performance Schedule can be downloaded from our official website under Venue Rental, Performance Venue Rental, and Download. If the abovementioned deadline is missed, an Ad Hoc application may be accepted provided our Center has a vacant venue. To rent our venue, please visit our official website and check for venue vacancies first before filing your application.

Is there any special restriction on renting your Center’s Nanhai Theater?

According to the Guidelines for Performance Venue Management of our Center, it is limited to performance of music, dance, drama, traditional opera, folk arts, movies, variety shows, and arts education related activities organized by government agencies, public schools, registered private schools/institutes, or citizens of 20 years or older. The programs must be open to the public and may not be provided exclusively for a certain audience.

How do I apply for renting Nanhai Theater?

Nanhai Theater will be closed for maintenance in 2018 & 2019. Currently it is only open for rental application for the period of January – May 2018. To save you time, online application is available. For relevant procedure and forms, please check the info, download the forms, and make the application on our website ((http://www.arte.gov.tw/index.aspx) or you may call (02)2311-0574, ext. 148 for detailed info.

What is Nanhai Theater’s program schedule?

The schedule for programs organized by our Center is: 10:30 for morning programs, 14:30 for afternoon programs; and 19:30 for evenings program. Doors open 30 minutes before the program starts. The schedule for other programs shall be determined and announced by the respective organizers. For information of actual program schedule, please refer to our Center’s current issue of Arts Education Information, or visit our website under Programs. Inquiry by telephone: please call (02)2311-0574 ext. 110 during business hours between 09:00 and 17:00.